All about me…

Welcome to my blog Amazonian Mummy! As you may have gathered from the title – I am a very tall (6ft) mum of one.

Although this is mainly a ‘parenting blog’ I will be talking about everything from my day to day life (only if something interesting has happened…don’t worry I won’t excite you with whether I had crunchy nut or shreddies every morning – yawn!) the struggles of trying to find clothes that fit when you’re 6ft with curves, have really skinny legs but big childbearing hips (as my mother always likes to point out)  – seriously…jeans are a nightmare to find, things my little one and I enjoy…and everything else in between.

I love photography and anything creative and crafty so I may bombard you from time to time with photographs, tips and ideas! My dream is to be a published writer, but first I need to finish writing something worth publishing – so I’m a long way off that (if ever) but hey….a girl can dream right?

Thank you for taking the time to even look at my blog…hope you enjoyed it and come back again soon đŸ™‚ x


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